Secure payment

You can order the products in our web store by adding them in to your shopping basket and by accepting your order and by paying it in the payment cashier. When ordering in our web store we require you to read and accept our terms of delivery valid at the time of ordering. You must understand that your accepted order confirmed by us (except to the extent as the cancellation right below may be applied) is binding and will form together with these terms of delivery a contract between us.


For paying your order you can choose any payment method for your shopping basket set in our web store. Funds will not be drawn from your account until the orders has been sent.

Payment is always secure with SSL. Choose your preferred payment method, Visa, Mastercard, Anyday, PayPal, Vipps or Bank transfer.

Confirmation of order and payment

After your successful order we will send you an order confirmation to your e-mail, so please make sure that you provide your e-mail address and mobile number, when making your order.  In the order confirmation we also confirm your method of payment. In case, due to an unexpected circumstance, we cannot accept your order, we’ll inform you promptly.  


We will deliver your order via the delivery method set in our web store chosen by you when ordering. 

Delivery time

DHL EXPRESS: 24-48 hours to Your door.
Asendia: Tracked normal slow international mail package 10-20 days.


Two years warranty according to The Consumer Protection Act.